June 23, 2015 Art of Digital

The Seven Wonders of the Social Media World

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In case you didn’t know, social media is ruling the marketing world: 72% of all internet users are on social media. Even the 65+ age brackets holds a 43% social media use rate. Now you know. So, what are the best ways to harness this new knowledge and enhance your business advertising? Firstly, recognize which social platforms your business must, must, must be on.

Facebook: with nearly 1.5 bn users around the world and 60% of all Americans on the site, Facebook is the undisputed master of the Social Media universe. Facebook is a great way for individuals to remain connected, and for consumers to feel connected to the your business. Personalize your page so that it feels like real people are communicating with your consumers. Have a branded profile picture and cover photo, clever captions, like relevant content and respond to comments from your customers. Update the community with what your business is doing in professional and kind manner.

Google+  is very easy to set up and you can link it through your business’ email account.Thanks to Google secret search algorithm having a Google+ page will greatly improve your search ranking. Make sure that your update your “about” section here as well and make it consistent with the look and feel of your Facebook page.  You don’t need to continually update this page, just use it as part of your email flow and contact organization. These day, everyone has something to say. Most of it is nonsense, some of it is pertinent news. Luckily,

Twitter is there to mix all the announcement together for an engaging user experience. Your business should be on Twitter in order to announce new projects, office happenings, important events and to retweet your fellow brands content. Retweets will increase your followers as well. It is recommended to Tweet up to 12 or 15 times a day. Simply put, if you are a professional business you should have and all-star professional page on LinkedIn. The platform offers statistics of who view your profile and allows messaging between professionals. It is also increasingly being used as a content distribution platform: follow “influencers” and receive regular updates with trends and best practices in your field.

YouTube:  is the top search platform for videos. It also happens to be the largest search engine for music and the second search engine in the world by queries. On average, Youtube has over one billion users a day. If your business involves any video at all (i.e. “how to” videos, camera work, short demonstrations) then you must be on Youtube. Make your channel engaging and fun, label your videos wisely for optimum searchability and ask for subscribers!

Instagram: with over 300 million users, Instagram is the most popular photo sharing platform in the world. Instagram has unique filtering and cropping features, as well as the option to post a 15 second video. Although it was acquired by Facebook in 2012, it is still run as a separate company and your feed will not be crowded by ads — yet.

Snapchat is the communication tool of the Millenials. You have the ability to send photos or videos that disappear after 10 seconds. Snapchat user base is among the most engaged on the internet. With 100 million daily active users Snapchat is the preferred platform for those between the ages of 15-24. This might seem like a lot to manage, but it is not necessary to be an all start on all 7 channels.

Art of Digital can help you set up each platform, manage your digital assets and determine which few social media marketing tools are best for your specific business. While a graphic design agency might excel on Instagram, a finance company could be best suited for LinkedIn. With the help of Art of Digital, as well as due diligence, your company can become a social media all star.